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Customer Satisfaction Averages are not sufficient anymore!

  1. Opportunity development

    Whether you are looking East or West, Medenstar will support your plans with actionable information and market specifics so that you can make the correct decisions

  2. Customer satisfaction studies

    The outcome of a customer satisfaction analysis has to be more than a handful of ultimately vague averages. Outcomes should be point-specific, actionable and reflect reality. We help you see the complete picture.

  3. Analysis of web semantics and blogs

    With our media partners we can map your web stratosphere and give you impactful insights.


Listen. Listen again.

As a small company working for small- and mid-sized companies in the IT, chemical and renewable energy fields, we ensure you get the best resources fitted for each project. We provide flexibility. We can make use of our partner network if we need to.

When we work together to grow your business, in familiar or unfamiliar markets, you will receive better decision-making support because we take ownership of the results. Period.

Trustworthy. The Medenstar way.


Market Development has external and internal factors.

Medenstar actively provides networking and local partners, while taking full advantage of our European-Asian presence to perform required tasks efficiently.  We research opportunities confidentially and give you the information you need to succeed.  We aim to look holistically at your business today, where you want to be in the future, and provide services all the way from market entry studies to implementation to change management and key personnel coaching.

Grow – the Medenstar way!

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Cost savings, Flexibility-on-demand and external knowledge

Outsourcing some of your processes related to manufacturing, sales and product compliance makes sense – cost savings, flexibility-on-demand and external knowledge input without being observed by competitors all are sound arguments for the thriving small- and mid-sized company in the 21st century.

Medenstar provides specialized outsourcing services efficiently and discreetly, with extensive experience in the electronics, pharma and chemical industries.


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Medenstar manages your projects…

… to bring IT and Marketing together.

Are you planning to combine your ERP and CRM data with external data to improve your organizational knowledge?

Do you believe that your enterprise has unused information? Would benefit from better customer understanding?

For one, it is beneficial to have a mediator which holds no stake in either department and can bridge he communication gap.

Then, Medenstar brings the right people together. Forms and leads project teams. Has access to (or finds) the best suited outside experts – nearby and worldwide. Provides in-house coaching.


Integrated solutions hold direct benefits

Medenstar offers quality data services, as well as data conversion and data prep services tailored to your needs.

 We specialize in the design of data tables and relational databases pre-collection or pre-analysis, and prepare data for seamless introduction into your ERP or CRM systems. We help you define database structures to meet your needs – speed, robustness, ease of use – for small to very large data sets.

We normalize, categorize, complete for missing entries, index, streamline, clean, verify, de-duplicate. We will advise you with an insider perspective on all facets involved in your data collection.

If you plan a survey or targeted customer activity, we can help you save cost and lower post-collection time requirements, often substantially, by providing suitable data collection, storage and management formats. We will monitor your collection effort if desired and provide corrective measures if problems surface

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From Data to Information to Knowledge. And sometimes to wisdom.

Integration of marketing is far more than just an attempt to actively manage your customer contact points. Any company, large and small, today presides over a growing pool of data. This data exists in structured and unstructured formats, distributed through several departments and legacy systems.

Medenstar finds your relevant data streams, combines them to create a complete picture, analyzes them using proven mathematical means. The results are immensely valuable findings and customer insights that cannot be neglected, and which will confirm or re-shape your marketing strategy: they are the basis of a meaning brief to your creative agency. They are the groundwork for any CRM effort.

Question: Have you done your groundwork?

Who are we?


“The median isn’t the message”

Medenstar is a marketing services company specializing in developing sales and marketing strategies, support for investors, preparation of product and brand introductions, market and competitor analyses, third-party outsourcing, business development.

Medenstar has impressive in-house capacity and experience. Already in 1995 we used a neural network to visualize text in a three dimensional space.

Software has come a long way since then. The challenge today is in using tools smartly to get correct results – not just any result.

At the present, Medenstar is involved in specialty pursuits in environmentally friendly industrial chemicals, develops value-added services in the Financial, Telecom, Pharma and Cosmetics industry, provides manufacturing outsourcing and registration compliance services worldwide – always below the radar of the competition.

Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches.

Medenstar strives for excellence in the visual display of information and recommends the work of Edward Tufte.